A contest for you graphically clever people – Win Game Maker 8 Pro

on January 22, 2010 - 6463 Views

Game Maker Blog lacks a favicon and our Twitter avatar is boring!

Will you make us a pair?  Oh go on, please.  There will be a prize.  If your design is picked as the winner you can choose from either an upgraded version of Game Maker 8, an Indie game of your choice upto the same value or two months advertising on this site.  Sadly our budget doesn’t stretch to PSPs, iPhones or Nexus Ones.

  • Favicon requirements: 16×16 size, .ico format.
  • Twitter avatar:  73×73 size, .png format
  • There are no other requirements other than to use your imagination.

Submit your entries as a direct message to @gamemakerblog or by PM at the GMC.

Deadline: February 12th.

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18 Responses to A contest for you graphically clever people – Win Game Maker 8 Pro

  1. Simon says:

    What size do you want?(in pixels) Want it to have anything to do with the twitter logo? How much colour and detail do you wish for me to put in?(sorry if colour is misspelt I’m from Australia)

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  3. mr glasses says:

    This will be fun. I’ll get started right away…now for ideas…

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  6. billsmugs says:

    Does anyone know where I can upload a .ico file for this?

  7. Broxter says:

    xot :Yay! A favicon is nigh! No more boring bookmarks bar!


  8. xot says:

    Yay! A favicon is nigh! No more boring bookmarks bar!

  9. Frederick says:

    I read it. None of the prizes spark my interest O_O

  10. Legolas710 says:

    I’ll certainly enter if I come up with something I think looks decent and I remember to submit it. 😀

  11. turboRamble says:

    Definitely entering for advertising, since I already have GM8 😛

  12. Mordi says:

    Huh. The editing comment thingy doesn’t quite work.

    …kinda looks like it says Gm8.

  13. Broxter says:

    You obviously didn’t read it properly.

  14. Mordi says:

    I don’t like doing icon size, so I tried my hand at the twitter avatar.

    Kinda looks like it says “GM8”.

  15. Frederick says:

    Oh… I’ve already got game maker 8 pro ^_^

  16. Broxter says:

    Awesome. I’ll try my best.

  17. Jonathan says:

    How much do you charge for advertising?

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