Game Maker Affiliation Rewritten

on March 20, 2010 - 2976 Views

Game Maker Affiliation, the free service which enables Game Maker related websites to easily exchange banner links with similar sites, has been rewritten in its entirety.

I posted some details regarding my work on the re-write on my personal blog last weekend.   A quick summary of changes is below:

  • Automatic detection of animated .gif banners which you can block from displaying on your site
  • Ability to stop particular banners appearing on your site, or if you prefer you can block all banners belonging to a certain member
  • Can now change the background colour of your code blocks
  • Able to register and login using Twitter if you don’t currently have a GMA account (I will add the ability to link an existing account to Twitter later)
  • Ability to pause a particular banner – stats aren’t lost if you no longer want to use it
  • Upload an unlimited number of banners
  • Click stats enabling you to view when your ads are clicked and where the browser came from

Since its  launch in 2007 Game Maker Affiliation has served over 20,000,000 impressions and has delivered more than 65,000 clicks.


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9 Responses to Game Maker Affiliation Rewritten

  1. It is a very good service. I brought so much traffic to my site through it; highly recommended! Looking forward to using the updated service soon =)

  2. Loaf says:

    I use it. 😛

  3. Frederick says:

    Philip Gamble :
    There are about 40 accounts that have shown banners today.

    Alright. I will consider using this. O_O

  4. Frederick says:

    How many people use this?

  5. Jonathan says:

    You havn’t tested this. In firefox I get the blue box around the ad.

  6. Drazzke says:

    I had one banner from ages ago (2007), which I deleted and then added a new one. I currently only have 1 banner, but on my dashboard it still says I have 2.

    Nice update 😀

    • That is because deleted banners (now) aren’t actually deleted from the system (so their stats can be retained). I think I should update the display though. Thanks for the feedback.

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