Cheesy Game Maker Picture Quiz

on June 12, 2010 - 9278 Views

Because the GMC is down and people are no doubt at a loose end Andrew and myself have designed a fun Game Maker themed picture quiz!

The pictures below represent various Game Maker related things past or present.  They may be games, users, websites etc.   Try and work out what they are.  I don’t think any of them are particularly hard though of course we know what we interpret them as!  Just a bit of fun.  Larger versions of each photo can be accessed by clicking on them.

Warning: Spoilers in the comments.

[nggallery id=7]

Photo credits (no cheating!):  All are released under Creative-Commons licenses.  Most from Flickr, some taken from WikiCommons.   Links to photos: The four finger salute by silverfox09, 82 by blmurch, feet on ground by felipe_gabaldon, Un-named by scragz, Carrick Knowe by TheEdinburghBlog, SafetyPins by PinkSherbet, HTML by tomascaspers, Teeth by, Pumpkin pie by turtlemom_nancy, Crunchy Path by alverson.  Full usage details on the linked Flickr pages.

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23 Responses to Cheesy Game Maker Picture Quiz

  1. Lol! I was reading the comments and figured our Roket Games just before rocket was mentioned D:

    Would have been awesome if it was some rocket on a copy of Oblivion 😀

  2. theg721 says:


  3. HeyJD says:

    question 8: let us leave?
    But If I see correctly it looks like rocket leaves…

  4. NakedPaulToast says:

    Philip Gamble :
    Does no-one eat salad? And NPT I’m disappointed on the pumpkin pie front!

    I definetely recognised the pumpkin pie, and with your disapointment, I’m now pretty sure that it’s a reference to KC LC.

  5. What the hell does salad have to do with anything though?

  6. NakedPaulToast says:


  7. theg721 says:

    OK… No. 1 – Desert Dog.
    No. 2 – Mike Dailly.
    No. 3 – Errr… Maths, Mars.. Over mars… Mark Overmars!
    No. 4 – Pie Person
    No. 5 – Russel Kay
    No. 6 – Sandy Duncan
    No. 7 – 64 Digits
    No. 8 – YoYoGames (the color of YoYo, Green)
    No. 9 – Sigma Nine
    No. 10 – OverByte
    No. 11 – Two answers – Mark Overmar’s head (the arrow indicating up, and the head being the uppermost body part, and then the tags), and markup.
    No. 12 – Rosetta Stone
    No. 13 – madnessMADNESSmadness
    No. 14 – Grey and Green
    No. 15 – Ark 22.

    J’ai fini, as they say in france.

  8. Elmernite says:

    Ummm is 12 in reference to the Rosetta Stone game? As in, my game? Sweet!

    Wow, I barely got any! Those were pretty neat! Really creative!

  9. Coolist says:

    Haha that is pretty cheesy. Nice work.

  10. queviltai says:

    We haven’t got 8 or 13 yet

  11. ~Dannyboy~ says:

    7. 64 digits
    9. Sigma Nine
    12. Rosetta Stone

  12. 1. Desert Dog
    3. Mark Overmars
    10. OverByte
    11. MarkUp
    14. Grey and Green
    15. Ark 22

  13. queviltai says:

    Haha very good 🙂 my favourite’s number 2

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