GMC Down for Upgrade

The Official Game Maker Community is currently offline whilst the forum software is upgraded. The upgrade had been scheduled to begin on Tuesday 15th June but started about an hour ago.

Russell Kay has stated that the GMC will be down for “2-3 days” during the upgrade but no reason has been given as to why the downtime period will be so long.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m super excited about this. I love the new IPB software and it has some really nice features. I like to mobile version, but apparently there is an app that works even better.

    Even though I have an Ad Blocker, I find it kind of annoying that they added ads on the forum.

  2. I’ve not been involved in the skin this time around. But i’m sure once the upgrade is completed there will be a topic to voice your suggestions.

    However, keep in mind that we’re not responsible for the skin layout, thats the default IPB 3.x skin. We’re just doing a color edit.

  3. The light green text strains my eyes. Chronic, if you read this, I think that’s a legitimate concern. Other than that I don’t really care about any of the changes.

  4. Err… No Reason given… except for the reason given…

    The Database format is different so the time is spent in upgrading the many years of forum entries.


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