YoYo Games Grant Details Revealed

on August 5, 2010 - 4180 Views

YoYo Games’ grant from the Scottish Government is worth £220,000 (€265,000, $350,000) for the “development and distribution of internet based games”.

The Regional Selective Assistance investment grant funded by Scottish Taxpayers, part of £16m of funding announced for the last quarter, was given on the condition that it would create at least 24 new jobs.

RSA investment grants for small businesses in Dundee can cover upto 35% of capital investment costs.

In October 2009 Sandy revealed that YoYo Games had submitted a grant application to the Scottish Government as YoYo Games looked to open a new office.

In April this year alongside announcing the appointment of Mike Dailly Sandy revealed that they had been offered “considerable support” from Scotland to locate their office in Dundee.

Source: Scottish Enterprise

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9 Responses to YoYo Games Grant Details Revealed

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  4. thegr8n8 says:

    Actually it said 24 new jobs.

  5. Elmernite says:

    Now Damo566 has a business mind for sure. XD

  6. Damo566 says:

    @Philip: Nice. Maybe I can get $175,000 if I make a job for myself or something :p

  7. Damo566 says:

    …would create at least 2 new jobs.
    Are you sure that’s right? o-o

    • That is what the RSA report says. I presume this is the minimum number of jobs they needed to create in order to secure the investment and they have already hired more than two people!

      Edit: The figure should read 24 (see later comment)

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