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  • Paul Eres’ tower defence game Immortal Defense is now permanently available to buy for any amount over $1.75.   Effectively it’s a pay what you want sale but a minimum price has been enforced to ensure some of the money actually gets to Paul.  GamePolitics writes that the pay what you like concept “has proven to be a pretty successful model [for indie games] because no matter what people pay for the game, the sales tend to be a lot higher”.
  • GameJolt are holding their second game Jam this coming weekend.  The idea is to spend lots of time working on a new game or existing project over the weekend whilst sharing your progress with other community members either through regular updates or Livestream.  35 people have already registered to take part either independently or as part of a team.  The first GameJolt Jam event had eleven entries, eight of which were made using Game Maker.

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  1. I’ve entered everything that GJ has held (well, going by May 2009’s contest being #1 – they’ve been around since 2004 so god knows!), regardless of my state of business (the busy-ness one). This time, I have a friend that’ll be coming up to Dundee for the entire weekend – I guess I’ll have to knock something out in an hour or two while he’s sleeping, haha (out of context that sentence is WRONG).

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