Game Maker Entries in Second GameJolt Jam

Last weekend the GameJolt indie gaming community held their second Game Jam – the majority of submitted games were made in Game Maker.

The highest rated game is currently Chawp! created by Ted Lauterbach and Brian Rodriguez with sounds from Matt Scorah and Ashley Gwinnell.

In this arcade game “made over the course of 4 days” you chop coloured lines which connect moving points. If you chop from close-range you inflict more damage but risk making a mistake. Lines appear in multiple colours and are easier to chop when you have selected the right colour.

It even has online highscores.

Other Game Maker entries:

  • I Wanna Be The Boss by Neutron – design and control an end of level boss using a variety of weapons which will take on a computer controlled ship.
  • Deathglare by Darshell – 3D stealth assassination.
  • Jam Scrollin! by Nikc-Nack and Zargy Studios – glitchy platformer. Rate it less than 4 for a free chance to be accused of down-rating (perhaps we should stop mentioning GJ before the entirety of the YoYo Games forums migrate!).
  • Freak by Electron – Grappling hook platformer. Comments suggest it too is glitchy.
  • Shark Week by Samuel Garcia – Swim around eating fish whilst avoiding mines, torpedoes and living obstacles such as jelly fish.
  • Dungeon Mapper by runewake2 [downloadable .rar only] – this isn’t complete nor is it a game. Dungeon Mapper is a utility created in Game Maker that enables the construction of dungeon worlds.

One game maker was noticeably absent however.

“Am gonna have to drop out. In a NALFirst [twitter hastag anyone?], the game I made is actually so crap I don’t want to release it. Think I’ll probably have to give it a good poke some time and see if I can salvage it.”

5 Replies to “Game Maker Entries in Second GameJolt Jam”

  • pgg
    About the downrating. Please remove that. Devsk has been doing alot of stuff to me, trying to tick me off and what not. Also, he didn’t play the game. So uhhhh. He downrated!
    And others rated lower, and I didn’t complain.

    Although I don’t understand why you call it “glitchy”. The engine runs well. Collisions are fine. I’m not sure what part of the game is glitchy.

    • I think he is talking about the general unfinished feel of the game.

      We are trying to actually make it a fun and engaging game to play. We have got much farther on it.

  • Chawp is fun!
    I wanna be the the boss is an Idea kinda like what I have had for a long time. However, like I thought, it wasn’t much fun.


  • I was expecting my game to appear in that list and then I remembered I made it in Flash. 😛

    There were some pretty decent GM-made games there; obviously Chawp! was the best. It’s such a fun game and requires skill to get a good score.

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