Dundee App Development Conference: Russell Kay’s Talk

on November 9, 2010 - 2444 Views

AppCon AppJam Dundee 2010Speaking at the App Development Conference in Dundee Russell Kay presented YoYo Games’ Game Maker software as an answer to the growing fragmentation of the mobile industry.

We have already seen the first two Game Maker games appear in the iTunes App Store, with PSP and Android expected to follow shortly.

Russell said today that YoYo expect to release 9 iPhone/iPad and 2 PSP games before Christmas with Android support appearing early in 2011.

Writing on MobileGamesBlog.com conference attendee Arjan Olsder said that the game conversion process (from PC to mobile device) is “not a one click solution yet”. GMB wasn’t at the conference so can’t confirm whether or not the talk suggested this may be coming in the future and if so whether this would enable Game Maker users to pay to publish their games independently.

PocketGamer.biz reports that YoYo Games currently have 18 games being polished by their team of developers and artists prior to releasing them into mobile gaming App stores.

via MobileGamesBlog

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