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Today is midway through the 2010 International App Development Conference & AppJam in Dundee. YoYo Games is an industry partner of the event.

Mark Overmars is included in The Game Developer 50 published in the November 2010 issue of Game Developer magazine for his previous work on Game Maker.   According to the magazine the feature lists “individuals who are making games great”.  The list includes developers, artists and designers from small and major studios.

In recent days Mike Dailly has been responding to questions about the approval process for iPod Game Maker games at the Game Maker Community.

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  1. Here’s some info about the Game Developer 50. Mark Overmars (YoYo Games) was one of ten people highlighted in the Programming section of the “second-annual editor-chosen list of 50 important accomplishments of the last year-or-so, in the fields of art, programming, design, business, and evangelism, attempting to focus on the specific achievements of specific persons.” Editors Brandon Sheffield and Jeffery Fleming write:

    “Mark Overmars’ Game Maker engine is a key learning tool for budding game developers. By abstracting game creation with simple drag-and-drop functionality, Game Maker allows beginning users to easily build working games without programming. Those wanting to go deeper can utilize the Game Maker Language to script complex game logic, as well. This, combined with the tool’s nominal cost, has lowered the barrier to game development to almost nil. But don’t assume that amateur hour is the rule of the day. Standout indie titles like Spelunky and Seiklus are creative examples of what is possible with the tool.”

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