Lite version of Game Maker 7 for Mac Released

on December 8, 2010 - 3622 Views

Game Maker 7 for Mac is now available for download as a free “lite” version.

Previously Game Maker for Mac had not followed the Pro and Lite distribution model of the PC version and instead the only free option was a 10 hour time-limited trial of the full version.

The full version of Game Maker 7 for Mac costs $25 the same price as the upgrading the PC version of Game Maker 8.

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3 Responses to Lite version of Game Maker 7 for Mac Released

  1. […] that the Mac version was released without the necessary support and then abandoned but a new ‘Lite’ distribution version was recently released. Unification with Game Maker for PC now looks unlikely until at least […]

  2. Loaf says:

    About time too.

  3. BBGaming says:

    That’s really pleasant news. I never liked the 10 hour model.

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