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on December 10, 2010 - 2297 Views

  • Why Game Maker for Mac matters – Uriel Griffin on why creating Game Maker for Mac was a worthwhile step for YoYo Games. Rather than focusing on the IDE Uriel writes about the emergence of Mac as a gaming platform ahead of the launch of the Mac App Store.
  • Mrme picks up on the fact that the new Lite version of  Game Maker 7 for Mac can’t create executables. He goes on to say the exclusion “will likely show up in GM9”. I think the comment is throwaway speculation but if the removal of the feature to create executables happens I imagine there will be a considerable bunch of unhappy Game Maker users.

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  1. […] Lite version of Game Maker 7 for Mac has always been unable to export games in a format playable without having Game Maker […]

  2. ugriffin says:

    I don’t really think that they will remove .exe creation from future versions of GM. The reason why there’s no exe creation on GM4MacLite is because there’s a security flaw that makes it very easy to remove the ‘Made with Game Maker’ banner: a security flaw I reported myself.

    I daresay that’s why GM Lite can’t compile .app files at the moment.

  3. scoz says:

    Not to jump to conclusions, but removing exe creation from lite would be pretty freaking sad. I can only think of how many awesome games I’ve played this year that were lite only.

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