Mid-week Community Links: Game Maker entries in Ludum Dare 19

on December 21, 2010 - 3566 Views

Flatcade is a new blog from Greg Froning which provides brief features on Game Maker games.

A couple of interesting articles on the topic of decompilation. Firstly the reasons why decompilers are written, in the recent Game Maker case it is pretty obvious – to create a method of converting GMKs to run on iPhones and iPads, and something on the legality of them.

285 games were entered in Ludum Dare 19 which was themed Discovery. Game Maker entries included Volatile by True Valhalla, Purgatory Area by Toad Frogs, Scanno Domini by Tom Francis and Run by Cosine.

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9 Responses to Mid-week Community Links: Game Maker entries in Ludum Dare 19

  1. […] is a real time strategy game developed by Matthew Bowden in a 48 hour period for the recent Ludum Dare 19.  It’s effectively a four way tower defence and attack game which builds on the […]

  2. LegacyCrono says:

    I made “Fate of Mankind” for Ludum Dare 19 using Game Maker.

    First LD48 I entered, and it was awesome. 🙂
    Totally waiting for the next LD! Happy holidays!

  3. Elmernite says:

    I tried to enter Ludum Dare using GM, but couldn’t make the deadline, I hope to finish the game soon anyway.
    So my hats off to everyone who finished! That is no easy task! Awesome work!

  4. Roan Contreras says:

    hey… wrong link at my game, “Purgatory Area”

    This should be the link:

  5. Roan Contreras says:

    I’ve played True Valhalla’s game from Ludum Dare 19, his game was very good.
    I’ll be playing from the other 2 guys said from that post for while 😉

    • When I saw the screenshot I thought to myself “this game could very well be worth a review” 🙂

    • Thanks guys! It was very difficult to make a game in 48 hours, but there’s a great sense of community during the competition, and afterward the connection to everyone and their entries is amazing…it’s a very unique experience.

      I hope you like my little experimental RTS =)

  6. Bob Hoil says:

    Thanks for featuring my blog in the community links. I decided to throw up GM affiliates to drive some traffic to other sites.

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