GameJolt/NALGames Invention Contest

on January 17, 2011 - 3613 Views

NALGames are holding an invention themed game creation contest at GameJolt.

Prizes of indie games are offered for the top three games as judged by a panel of GameJolt members.

The contest began last night and runs until February 14th.

Full details at GameJolt.

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9 Responses to GameJolt/NALGames Invention Contest

  1. Blue says:

    ‘other news’: , first PSP game in YoYo Store announced.

    (NAL, sorry for spamming your competition blog-entry

  2. Robert Caldwell says:

    A game contest that can get you a whole 5 bones? WOOHOO! Yay for a couple cheeseburgers and fries.


  3. Andrew McCluskey says:

    “NALGames are” There’s only one of me 😛

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