GameMaker’s 3D Speed To Increase

on April 26, 2011 - 6547 Views

GameMaker D3D Tree Poly TestFor the past couple of days Mike Dailly has been working on improving the speed of 3D rendering in GameMaker.

Speed improvements have been tested on a benchmarking GameMaker file provided by Martin Crownover (.zip). Modifying that file so that 1000 trees instead of 100 were added to a game room resulted in a room speed of 14 frames per second using the current GameMaker 8.1 Delphi runner, whereas “the C++ one with some 3D optimisation” returned the significantly better 45fps.

This speed increase is not likely to be seen in the short term however as the 45fps figure made use the C++ GameMaker runner which is not due to be publicly released in the near future. Posting on Twitter Mike wrote that if he can get an optimised version of D3D working in the Delphi runner it should enable 3D to be rendered “quite a bit faster” than is currently possible.

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16 Responses to GameMaker’s 3D Speed To Increase

  1. TwinDenis says:

    oh man~
    how did you made it in 3d o.0?

  2. […] Dailly has blogged about the GameMaker 8.1 3D speed improvements he has been working on (see earlier post). In the next update he plans to introduce static 3D models alongside the dynamic models currently […]

  3. theg721 says:

    That benchmark stuff sounds weird.

    Anywho, that benchmark thing looks like some kinda N64 RPG or something lol.

  4. Ray says:

    Now I’m really confused, lol. Yeah I’m on XP sp3. But so are zillions of others.

    I wonder if a 2D benchmark would have the same kind of discrepancy?

  5. Ray says:

    Can you guys help me figure a couple things out? I downloaded the poly test and generated two executables. One with GM 8.0 and the other with GM 8.171. Here’s what they look like stat-wise on my PC:

    Poly-test8.1.exe – 4.58MB file, runs at about 109 fps
    Poly-test8.0.exe – 2.81MB file, runs at about 140 fps

    Why would the older GM version run it faster?
    Why would the older GM version create a smaller executable too?

    That ain’t progress folks…

  6. ugriffin says:

    Yay for faster 3D! 🙂

  7. True Valhalla says:

    Impressive increase in FPS. Hope this all goes well.

  8. xot says:

    Probably not the only benchmark being used. 😉

    Also, that’s a big IF in the last paragraph. Here’s hoping.

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