GreenTech+ Xbox Live Indie Game Out Now

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GreenTech+ Xbox Live Indie Game

Optum have released Vertigo Games’ GreenTech+ as an Xbox Live Indie Game.

Get ready to save the world from the threat of global meltdown with your mighty hurricane in this action-packed arcade experience! Steer pollution into cleaning centers and watch out for the high-pressure zones. The follow up to Vertigo Games competition winning title, greenTech, this new version features sixteen levels, upgraded graphics, unlockables and a classical, relaxing soundtrack.

GreenTech+ for Xbox 360 is a nearly identical port of the YoYo Games competition 04 entry. The aim of the game is to avoid bubbles of (what I assume to be) CO2 entering designated areas of air.

On loading the game looks fine of my HD 42″ TV, none of the sprites were stretched or pixelated so much it was obvious that it wasn’t the game’s style. Some of the text was hard to read due to the green on green, but I do think this was a similar case with the PC version.

As said in the features list, the game does feature some lovely “classical, relaxing” music. It kind of reminded me of when on TV you have someone dying, or some other tragic moment, and they add in some nice 1930’s music to accompany the moment.

As for the gameplay it is very much the same as the PC version. The use of the Xbox controller was much more fun than playing it on the PC. In the time I was playing it I only got up to level 8 (out of 16). I found level 7 very hard, then I think I will need to go back and “merit” – 0% CO2 – one of the tier two levels (4-8) to be able to go onto tier 3.

Overall, I think this game is a must buy if you have 80 Microsoft points ($1) spare to spend on a game. I found it very interesting playing a Game Maker game on a “regular” console for the first time, and I hope I will get to play many more in the future.

In January this year GreenTech+ became the first, and so far only, title to be published by YoYo Games as a PlayStation Mini playable on PlayStation 3 and PSPs.

The Xbox version of GreenTech+ is available to try as a free demo and the full version can be purchased for 80 Microsoft Points ($1 value).

GreenTech+ on the xBox MarketPlace

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8 Responses to GreenTech+ Xbox Live Indie Game Out Now

  1. Fahrenheit says:

    PC version was awesome– cant wait to try it. For only $1?! Count me in

  2. ugriffin says:


    Yup, forgot to mention that too. ^_^

  3. Jesse says:

    Small correction, but Karoshi has also been out on PSN and was doing quite well (until the PSN outage).

  4. Yup, YoYo have no ties to this port. It is cool to see this game on Xbox Live though – I hope it goes well.

  5. ugriffin says:

    It’s not in GM, YoYo would’ve done noise about this. It’s prolly a rewrite in XNA.

  6. Sondar says:


    No but seriously, awesome to see YoYo expanding into platforms I’m actually interested in developing for. My style is a bit more complex that what it easily achievable on an iPhone, but would fit an Xbox nicely. It’s also nice to see a GM company getting some good PR.


  7. Zargy says:

    Cool! I’m happy that this finally got put on XBLA. I don’t own the game, or have ever played it, and I don’t have an Xbox, but It’s always good for Vertigo Games to get press.

    INB4 tons of noobs saying “OMG GAEM MAEKR MAKES X BOX GAMES NAOW??!1!!!1”

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