greenTechPLUS+ on PS3 [Video]

A short video showing greenTechPLUS+ on PlayStation3. This is the first and only game YoYo Games have published on PS3/PSP in the Minis series.

Due to Sony’s licensing system the game is only currently available in Europe.

What do you think?

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  1. In the original PC version there are 50 different monitors that have different colors and effects, including anaglyphic 3D. They are variously unlocked by completing levels or tiers of levels, and through perfect play. You can see at the end of the level 1 in the video, one of these monitors is unlocked.

  2. Surprisingly, I have never got around to trying this game yet. Gameplay looks simple, graphics looks nice, I agree with Phil, that green swish thing seems pretty irritating, from the video at least.

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