indie(Radio) Broadcast 1 – Innoquous 4, GML Loose Syntax

The first indie(Radio) broadcast took place yesterday.  A recording of the half hour show is embedded below (language warning).


The show starts with Andrew McCluskey talking briefly about his time at YoYo Games and his Maddening and Innoquous 4 games.

Jack Brockley then joins host Bret Hudson for a look at some recent indie gaming news.  The show is not focused entirely on GameMaker as it features flashpunk, Stencyl and Minecraft news.

Innoquous 4 is then very briefly reviewed followed by a short game design talk from Allen Webster and disccusion about whether or not Game Maker Language’s loose syntax should be tightened up.

The show is off to a good start though I felt there could have been a bit more depth given to the topics discussed.

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