YoYo Website Changes Continue

on July 15, 2011 - 3522 Views

Since their new website was launched YoYo Games have been working on improving the information it contains. A news feed has been added to the frontpage, though the lack of a RSS icon on the site has led to a few people thinking that no such feed exists.

An earlier error, where the site incorrectly stated that the Lite version of GameMaker for PC could not create executable files, caused surprisingly little confusion, but was corrected. The updated website however has a cross besides the “rotate sprites” feature for users of GameMaker Lite, despite the fact that image_angle has been available in the free Lite version since GameMaker 8.1.

On the to-do list for the YoYo Games website is a “technical blog page for the techy geeks”.  I presume we will see GameMaker developers Mike and Russell writing on this. Mike has written a number of articles about GameMaker and its development on his personal blog, the most recent of these explains why users can experience issues when scaling tiles in GameMaker.  His articles are generally of much better quality than “glog” posts in the past so it will be nice to see him writing on the official site.

The Game Maker Community is to be re-skinned “in line with the [new] site for consistency”.  In response to a question posed on Twitter by indie(Function) YoYo Games answered that they are also looking at creating a games section on the new site in which high quality games can be showcased.

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5 Responses to YoYo Website Changes Continue

  1. chance says:

    RE: ‘ “technical blog page for the techy geeks”. I presume we will see GameMaker developers Mike and Russell writing on this. ‘

    I hope so. Mike’s articles are always useful, and they hit the right technical level. And Mike actually writes coherently… unlike the YYG standard.

  2. xot :I can’t wait for the bitching to start in earnest.

    Haha, indeed.

  3. So the GMC is going to be black, gray and shades of green? Oh God.

  4. mcoot says:

    Even though the new site still has its problems, it looks like Yoyo are dedicated to improving it and making it better than it was before!

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