Round up: Other Easy Game Dev Tools

on November 16, 2011 - 2362 Views

Stencyl is to add options to their StencylWorks game creation tool to allow users to export and create native iOS, Android and HTML5 games.  Dubbed iStencyl details of pricing have not yet been released.

The GameSalad game creation tool last week added Android publishing alongside their existing iOS and HTML5 publishing options. Publishing to Android requires a Pro account which costs $499 a year.

Scirra recently posted about their anti-piracy strategy. Their post contains a nice .gif visualising the effect DRM has on paying customers which those who experienced problems with GameMaker 7 and 8s Softwrap will surely understand!

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2 Responses to Round up: Other Easy Game Dev Tools

  1. Nick says:

    @Rex I know, right? I remember hearing that Yoyo was going to discount the price of Gm: Studio for users who had bought GM: HTML5. That being said, it seems as if this “discounted” price will be over $100, which is still very pricey for GM.

  2. Rex says:

    $500 to export to Android? Yikes. I hope this doesn’t give YoYo any ideas.

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