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Cactus Interview, GMCG Released, Adobe to Stop Mobile Browser Flash Development

Jonatan Söderström aka Cactus is the latest Game Maker developer to have been interviewed at indie game interview site Quote Unquote. In the interview Jonatan says he make games, plays in two bands and drink beer and has managed to live off donations.

The Game Maker Community Game has been released. The release is titled “GMCG: The Arcade” and is a collection of arcade mini games developed by different individuals and teams. Because of this the games don’t share the same look and feel – this is essentially a linked selection of games similar to those “100 Great Arcade Games” CDs you can pick up cheaply at electronics stores. Initially a single game was being developed for the Game Maker Community Game project but this was later revised to the collection of mini games.
GMC Links: Creations Forum Post | Announcement of Release

Adobe ceases development on mobile browser Flash, refocuses efforts on HTML5 – ZDNet
Adobe is to stop development of Flash Player for mobile browsers in favour of Adobe AIR packaged native Apps and HTML5.

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  1. Was flash ever viable on mobile platforms? I know that even on my android phone running froyo (which does support flash) its disabled. Even though the phone is fairly powerful, apparently the cpu still isn’t nearly fast enough to handle flash.

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