GameMaker Studio – Giveaway #1 – Results

on January 21, 2013 - 3558 Views

Our first GameMaker: Studio giveaway received over 400 entries, and I’m pleased to announced that a winner has now been selected by random draw. And the winner is…

Aaron San Filippo

Congratulations! You’ll soon receive an email with your brand new GameMaker: Studio license key.

If you didn’t win today, follow Game Maker Blog on Twitter and Facebook where will be giving away more free copies of GameMaker: Studio, and other great game development software!

You can also keep up to date with the latest GameMaker news by checking back soon or subscribing to our RSS feed.


This giveaway is sponsored and fully paid for by Touch To Start.

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2 Responses to GameMaker Studio – Giveaway #1 – Results

  1. Prinsukun says:

    Congrats to Aaron San Filippo 😀

  2. Mitch Payson says:

    I LOVE GameMaker !
    I’m learning soo sooh much about programing.
    I look forward to creating more projects, but for now i’m \stuck in the biggest project EVER !!!!!!! 🙂


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