List of Testimonials From GameMaker Professionals

YoYo Games have been gradually adding to their Games Showcase for about a year now. The showcase is intended to highlight popular games that have been created using their flagship product, GameMaker Studio. Each developer that has been featured on the showcase is given a chance to share their thoughts about the engine. But looking through every individual page is tedious, so we’ve collected some of the best testimonials from GameMaker professionals for you to Read more…

GameMaker Summer Sale – Up To 50% Off

[highlight]This promotion has now ended. Subscribe in the sidebar to be notified about future events.[/highlight] YoYo Games have launched a summer sale offering significant discounts on a variety of products. GameMaker Studio Professional is 40% off and available for only $60, and a new featured deal is being offered each week. Check out the latest deals below. Sale ends 5th-6th August 2014.

Upgrade From GameMaker Studio Standard To Professional For $25

Following the recent and now expired offer to get GameMaker Studio Standard edition for free, you can now upgrade from the Standard version to GameMaker Studio Professional for a discounted price of only US $25 until January 5, 2014. The normal price to upgrade is $50. To take advantage of this offer, go this page and enter your GameMaker Studio Standard license key, choose ‘Upgrade’, and then checkout.