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List of Testimonials From GameMaker Professionals

YoYo Games have been gradually adding to their Games Showcase for about a year now. The showcase is intended to highlight popular games that have been created using their flagship product, GameMaker Studio.

Each developer that has been featured on the showcase is given a chance to share their thoughts about the engine. But looking through every individual page is tedious, so we’ve collected some of the best testimonials from GameMaker professionals for you to read in one place.

What do professional developers really think about GameMaker? Find out below.


Gunpoint – Tom Francis

“The best thing about GameMaker is that it eases you into writing code. You don’t need to write any to make something work, but as you gain confidence it’s natural to learn how to write simple instructions as you need them. You end up coding fluently without any steep learning curve.”


Risk of Rain – Duncan Drummond

“It is magic. GameMaker allows you to circumvent the difficulties of programming, allowing you to focus on more important aspects like game design and player interactions. If you’re new to making games, or just want to make games fast and efficiently, GameMaker is the only option.”


Hotline Miami РJonatan Șderstr̦m

“I would probably not be where I am without GameMaker. It’s been an amazing tool that really helped me getting into game design.”


Hero Siege – Elias Viglione

“When I first got caught up in developing games as a hobby, I found GameMaker about 10 years ago. Until 2012 I had used it on a regular basis. GameMaker’s mobile exporting gave me the chance of doing this as my job instead of a hobby.”


Stealth Bastard – Jonathan Biddle

“I’ve used GameMaker for many years now as I’ve always found that it lets me be really productive, and quickly get to the heart of the game I’m developing. GameMaker Studio’s greatly improved feature set, pipeline and incredible export options have allowed me as a sole programmer, to bring our game, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, to six separate platforms in a very short time span, including Steam, iOS and a Humble Android Bundle.”


Wanderlust: Rebirth – Matthew Griffin

“I have fond memories of both creating and viewing projects at the GameMaker community and I still occasionally visit the forums there. Frankly, I would never have been able to achieve my dream of becoming a full-time game developer without GameMaker (and the GMC). GameMaker makes it easier to produce a video game than any other IDE I’ve worked with…”


Echo of the Wild – Anthony Case

“I’ve tried a great many game development environments over the years and GameMaker is the only one with the perfect balance between simplicity and control. With it I have the power to create the games I’ve been dreaming of whilst enjoying the streamlined speed of development its GUI and GML offers. YoYo Games are also doing a fantastic job constantly evolving GameMaker, in particular opening it up to new platforms that I could never previously envision making games for.”


Cook, Serve, Delicious – David Galindo

“GameMaker is pretty much the only game making tool I’ve ever used, and will likely continue to use due to its fast and simple interface, ease of porting across all platforms, and rapid decrease of development time normally devoted to making multi-platform games. Cook, Serve, Delicious was built in just seven months for PC, and only required a few weeks of development time for mobile and other desktop platforms. With its continual updates and API support for some of the biggest platforms such as Steam, I can’t imagine using anything else for my next game.”


Cinders -Tom Grochowiak

“My background is in design, not programming. And this is what GameMaker is all about — allowing creatives to make quality games within a reasonable timeframe, without requiring extensive technical knowledge. It’s simply the quickest way to turn your vision into actual gameplay, while still remaining robust enough for complex projects.”


Epic Battle Dude – Markus Kassulke

“We love how easy it was to dive in and start developing with GameMaker Studio and were amazed with its versatility. It allows our team to focus on making great games by eliminating the resources required to develop different versions for each platform.”


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