Looking at gmlscripts.com following a suggestion from Leif902 brought something back into my mind. Dissociation.

Dissociation: describes the disconnection or lack of connection between things usually associated with each other.

At the bottom of every page of the GMLScripts website there is a line which reads

GMLscripts.com is not affiliated with Mark Overmars, The Game Maker Company, or YoYo Games.

A single sentence which makes it clear that GML Scripts is not part of the same group as the above mentioned entities. I have seen similar sentences around the Internet for example on sites about AdSense dissociating themselves with Google and on unofficial sites devoted to certain topics.

When I was setting up this blog in April I considered adding a similar sentence to the footer of the site, but I didn’t. True adding it may help boost my search rankings by increasing the concentration of the words “Game Maker” on the site but I never got around to it.

Personally I don’t think I will add a dissociation statement on gamemakerblog unless some confusion arises or I get a letter from the incompetent people at YoYoGames (whoops, I probably will now). Of course I should backup my claim with evidence so here goes:

What unbelievable unbelievably-none-existent customer support they have.

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