Quick Review

Looking back at some of the recent posts on Game Maker Blog and what, if anything, became of them.

It appears the GMC are playing catch up to the comments I made regarding criticising games in my post about rating the success of a game.

YoYoGames have been featured more often than previously, perhaps because of my experiences of their customer support.

Many of you agree with my comments about bad posts in the Website Announcements section of the Game Maker Community, however we all know some people will continue to construct badly written topics.

I think perhaps in the future I need to review more Game Maker creations since this is after all GameMakerBlog.

What do you think?

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  1. I will be writing some more reviews soon, as I have said I will do one for MakUp and I have also had a request for one from a member of the GMC.
    For formating just use HTML tags.

  2. Yeah to be honest, the Games section, should be bursting with blogs by now, instead, it only has [b]1[/b] blog post. I really suggest looking for some reviews for potential games and successful games for some blog posts soon. As well as I would really care for some of those, I love unofficial “official” game reviews. ^_^

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