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I hadn’t quite got started in my rants about YoYoGames when I became aware of the MarkUp situation. This led me to reconsider opinions towards YoYo which had been on the verge of becoming less than friendly.

YoYo (YYG) are a new company, they have only recently taken over the management and distribution of Game Maker. Sure there have been issues, many of them blown out of all proportion by over zealous posts at the GMC. It hasn’t helped that almost all posts regarding YYG at the GMC have been locked – I don’t know what the reasoning behind this is.

YoYo can be our friends, probably. I would like a YoYo t-shirt, or cap, or both. They really should set up a cafepress store, or whatever the latest equivilant is. Would build community feeling and could earn YoYo some, much needed I suggest, revenue. The only YoYo t-shirts I have seen have been offensive.

I want a green one! It actually might go well with a game-maker related project I am planning on for the future.

YoYoGames need to display a better public image and as far as I see the best way to do that is to communicate to the GMC and those using Game Maker. An excellent example of this is PayPerPost who have a very friendly image, and a TV show to go along with it. Something along these lines for YYG would be just what the community needs right now I feel. However the problem is as far as I know YYG don’t have a proper office as Sandy is the only fulltime employee.

Get an office set up, drop me an invite and I’ll pop down to see you YoYo. I’ll even bring along a camera and take some pics for MarkUp. Game maker’s want to see the real YYG and the real YYG is hiding.

What do you think?

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  1. Customer support. People normally expect to recieve a response within a day, and I think they are justified. Often posts at their own forum asking about buying the upgraded version go unanswered.

    And yes, Sandy is male.

  2. Can I just repeat myself in saying, Mark heads YoYo Games and I believe YoYo is his brain child (along with the lady from Xbox). So when you say “they have only recently taken over the management and distribution of Game Maker” all it is, is a new website and staff to help Mark help the independent gaming industry. Nothing has really changed since YoYo Games came into play. All that changed really is the website and the name of the licenses.

    Can you please give some solid reasons for YoYo being so terrible? Support was always slow when it was just Mark anyway, so there is no reason to complain there…

  3. I agree, YoYo’s image has been nothing but positive, ever since their beginning. I don’t even know to what extent can the situation be repaired, but I think there always will be YoYo haters, even if they fixed their image.

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