Don’t have the time

Some people, honestly.

When asked by a member of the GMC to provide a more detailed description of his game this member decides that they don’t have time to add more information. “Very detail discription: Like I have time for that?”

Like people who ‘can not be bothered’ to post a screenshot this really infuriates me. I hope that these people have spent a darn site longer than 5 minutes on their creation, and if they have, spending 10 minutes or so taking and uploading some screenshots and writing a bit about their game should be a stroll in the park. After months of work on a game it should also be rewarding as it gives you the chance to show off all your hard work which has gone into your program.

Unless of course you knocked your program together in just 5 minutes….

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t even bother downloading from posts that are like that, I must be able to read a description and I must be able to see an in-game screenshot (and not a menu, I hate menus… … Don’t look at the screenshot from my latest game… It’s hard to take screenshots of puzzle games though, it always makes them look boring, or maybe it’s just my poorly made games)

    Anyways, I just don’t download them.

    – Leif

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