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The curse of the GMA

Game Maker Awards 2007.

Marred in controversy and with over 800 posts the GMC topic has once again come to the top of the community section. Almost a month after the results were released the winners and runners up in each of the categories can finally add “lame siggy images” showing off their popularity amongst a community of unknown Game Maker users from around the globe.

RhysAndrews who has run the competition with so much professionalism “completely forgot about the rest” of the prize images “for a lousy awards ceremony.” Yes those are his words.

Whatever your views of the apparently ‘official’ Game Maker Awards the release of the “lame siggy images” has brought up a couple of other issues. Firstly some individuals received an astonishing amount of awards which results in an over sized signature at the GMC and second, placing the images in your sig results in a dramatic increase in the number of PMs you receive.

Wonder if the GMA will return for another year. Sadly, I expect even after the bungled attempts this year they will.

What do you think?

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