GameMaker on Linux?

Writing on, savage, working for SumoDigital (the company working on porting GameMaker) has written

The games are not the things are being ported, but the IDE and engine are. The IDE creates the game files these are then fed into the engine. The same game files works on both Win32 and Mac OS X ( native Carbon apps ), and last weekend I got the engine and IDE working on Linux, all from the same code-base with 1 or 2 IFDEFs.

What do you think?

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  1. In wine it works very buggy, for the games, there are resolution problems, and some things don’t work… the editor works mostly just fine. virtual box is not a real alternative, since video capabilities inside the virtual machine suck…

  2. I can’t seem to install Wine from the repository. How do you install it?

    About GM for Linux, well, that would be extremely amazing. I know a fair bit of GML so I would love to see it on SuSe (that’s the distro I use).
    As said before, instant buy.

  3. I also love GM… very very easy to use… I usuallyt make 2d games that are actualy drawed in a 3d view, but now im in linux so i learned java for netbeans but still dont find anything to develop my games… hope GM works well on linux someday

  4. hi,
    I bought the original, and have it somewhere on a cd, but i only uses linux now…..soooo

    Gamemaker is the best way / only way to make an idear for a game, a reality fast !!! i tried blitz, and dark basic, but never made it as far as in GM, also to scipt language is really good!!

    Mail me when its on linux and its an instant buy !!

  5. It seems they’d stand to gain more by doing a Linux port before the Mac port, as I’ve only seen one or two Mac users who would even think about getting it. However, I personally know more than ten Linux users who would jump at the chance to have a native Linux version of GameMaker. Myself included.

  6. Seems only natural, given the nature of porting something to OSX/Darwin. Frankly, I’m surprised this hasn’t been talked about officially yet, I think we all saw it coming. Interesting to learn that they are going with SDL. That should make the GM player highly portable.

  7. The quote obviously seems like he’s referring to GM.. but I still like to double check: was GM specifically mentioned as the IDE in question? I’m 99% sure it is, just curious.

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