Worst GameMaker video tutorial?

Low quality screen recording (1 fps?!), large watermark obscuring content…

Although to be fair it is obvious that this isn’t meant to be a tutorial, more just a brief introduction to GameMaker 7 as the creator posts videos on a variety of subjects.

GameMakerTv.com has a new layout but no sign of episode 3 coming…

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  • Hey, that’s me! I don’t know how I managed to come accross this!

    The Frame rate is poor becuase I made the mistake of converting it using Windows Media Player and yes, its bad quality becuase I don’t have a good webcam.
    I don’t see how the content of the video is that bad! I did not make it as a tutorial, just a video to inform people that they can make a video game quite easily. I said in the video that there is better tutorials on the GM website.

    You say my video is not professional however I don’t think this article is very professional! Think about it! Your complaining about a video a thirteen year old made. It’s not my job to make videos! No one pays me to make them. I do it because I want to inform people of different things they can accomplish on a computer, specifically, on the internet.

    Just to clear one thing up: I am not a game developer! I do not use GM alot however I thought it would be useful for someone who wanted to make video games! I have only ever made about three games using GM therefore I could not give excellent information about the software.

    Anyway, if this is a GM Blog, should you not be happy that someone is interested in the software and feels that others should know about it too? Personally, I could think of better things to do than to post negative comments about a video on the web!

  • http://youtube.com/user/jaketvee

    From the looks of it, he just creates videos about random techie things such as a review of his keyboard & mouse, getting a free domain, or making a game with GM.

    Although the video could be of a higher quality (specifically the screen capture), you have to remember this is a kid and he’s done a fair job considering. In my opinion, ‘dissing’ him in a news article is even less professional, and just mean.

  • Well i think that it was tacky and very unprofessional, with him stopping and starting to talk.
    I think that he could actually do better, he has the courage to Film a poor video and post it on the net.
    hopefully you do better in the future… much better.

  • Well, we aren’t flaming you just not saying what you want to hear. Plus I’m only 14 and my videos on my website look better than that (don’t use WMM)

  • And at the intro it seems like he has made more video before. Where are they hosted?
    His “Green(white) screen” is crap aswell.

    Is this a member from the gmc?

  • Dude, it’s just some f***ing kid. It looks like he’s 11 or so years old. Does it really make you feel cool to make fun of him?

  • Who made fun of him? Phil said his video sucked and hes right, he uses a damn web cam as a video camera, and the sound quality on his intro is pathetic, like Phil said it looks like his screen capture is 1 FPS and hes using camstudio so he can record a lot faster not much was going on the screen, so no reason for such low FPS.

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