Worst GameMaker video tutorial?

Low quality screen recording (1 fps?!), large watermark obscuring content…

Although to be fair it is obvious that this isn’t meant to be a tutorial, more just a brief introduction to GameMaker 7 as the creator posts videos on a variety of subjects. has a new layout but no sign of episode 3 coming…

What do you think?

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  1. Hey, that’s me! I don’t know how I managed to come accross this!

    The Frame rate is poor becuase I made the mistake of converting it using Windows Media Player and yes, its bad quality becuase I don’t have a good webcam.
    I don’t see how the content of the video is that bad! I did not make it as a tutorial, just a video to inform people that they can make a video game quite easily. I said in the video that there is better tutorials on the GM website.

    You say my video is not professional however I don’t think this article is very professional! Think about it! Your complaining about a video a thirteen year old made. It’s not my job to make videos! No one pays me to make them. I do it because I want to inform people of different things they can accomplish on a computer, specifically, on the internet.

    Just to clear one thing up: I am not a game developer! I do not use GM alot however I thought it would be useful for someone who wanted to make video games! I have only ever made about three games using GM therefore I could not give excellent information about the software.

    Anyway, if this is a GM Blog, should you not be happy that someone is interested in the software and feels that others should know about it too? Personally, I could think of better things to do than to post negative comments about a video on the web!


    From the looks of it, he just creates videos about random techie things such as a review of his keyboard & mouse, getting a free domain, or making a game with GM.

    Although the video could be of a higher quality (specifically the screen capture), you have to remember this is a kid and he’s done a fair job considering. In my opinion, ‘dissing’ him in a news article is even less professional, and just mean.

  3. Well i think that it was tacky and very unprofessional, with him stopping and starting to talk.
    I think that he could actually do better, he has the courage to Film a poor video and post it on the net.
    hopefully you do better in the future… much better.

  4. Who made fun of him? Phil said his video sucked and hes right, he uses a damn web cam as a video camera, and the sound quality on his intro is pathetic, like Phil said it looks like his screen capture is 1 FPS and hes using camstudio so he can record a lot faster not much was going on the screen, so no reason for such low FPS. is worth $696,640

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