3rd GameMaker Podcast

The third episode of GMking’s Game Maker audcast has been released, nearly a year after the second.

The show is, as before, hosted by MarkUp editors Robin Monks and Eyas Sharaiha. Topics discussed include the re-writing of the GameMaker runner in C++ (including “glog” abuse!), the insecurities of GameMaker and the release of the obfuscator. Also covered is the success of the YoYo Games competitions in revealing the extent of GameMaker users talents.

It isn’t exactly fun and games, and I think it does get a bit dull after a while – perhaps a musical interlude between each topic or some pre-recorded reports (such as for the competition results) could have provided some variety. However, it makes a good listen if you want to catch up with all the Game Maker news from the past few months.

What do you think?

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  1. Well, all I can say is that is one of the coolest things I’ve listened to. I don’t know how I could have spent 15 minutes in any better way (well, maybe I exaggerated a bit there ;)). I thought it was extremely interesting and got my complete attention all the way through. I simply loved listening to Robin’s and Eyas’ opinions, it was very good.

    Robin, your accent is very cool, but I can’t believe you couldn’t pronounce L4nt0m! Well done Eyas, for getting it right! Eyas! What the hell is goin’ on with your accent? I thought it was very ragged and there were a lot of pauses and stutters :D. I could hardly hear you – I had to whack up the volume. But I guess that does add to the casual style of the podcast. Also, Eyas said just ‘Yes’ much too often in my opinion.

    I think that overall, it was brilliant, and I would certainly love to hear another one soon!

    You definitely have my full support! You’re cool guys!

  2. Nope, it wasn’t in the works for months. The decision was there but we did all the preparation, etc yesterday.. as well as the recording. The content is not outdated per say, but since the audcast has stopped for -as phil pointed out – almost a year, there was a lot of things worth discussing that we did not mention before.

  3. …it does get a bit dull after a while…

    You callin’ me dull? 😛

    But, yeah, we have more exciting things planned. We just want to record at least one before we started planning anything major 🙂

  4. Pretty nice show. Good to listen to as you do something else. However (no offense Eyas) it is very hard for me to understand what you are saying a lot. I know that isn’t something that is really fixable. On the up side I love Robin’s voice, he sounds like a real radio person. If you guys need any help keep in mind I am always available.

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