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Caveman Craig beats competition winner

RhysAndrews’ Caveman Craig has stormed to victory in the first GMC cage match for a long time.

The game, which was awarded 2nd place in the YoYo Games Ancient Civilization competition, was put up against the winning and third placed entries.

Caveman Craig showed it really was the community’s choice by polling over 50% of the 150+ votes.

KCLC’s Tut’s Test puzzle game, which finished thrid the YoYo Games competition also finished third out of the three cage match competitors.

The next cage match will be between Caveman Craig and 2DCube’s Frozzd which was the game nominated by RedSystem who finished second in the cagematch with Ancient Ants Adventure.

What do you think?

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  1. “KCLC’s Tut’s Test puzzle game, which won the YoYo Games competition, finished third out of the three cage match competitors.”

    Didn’t this game actually place third in the YoYo competition?

  2. “This pretty much says ‘YoYo doesn’t know what a good game is’ Caveman was clearly a better game. Ancient Ant Adventure was ‘owned’.”

    I certainly didn’t think so. Caveman Craig was too random and the encounters would become unbalanced. It also didn’t have all that much content. I played once and never found myself wanting to play again.

    I like how you state opinion as fact.

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