Four Tips To Creating Your Own Game

The process of creating your own game is definitely not a walk in the park. There are an endless number of steps that need to be taken, and that is before the coding can even begin. Once those steps are complete, coding could easily see you spiral down into a world of confusion and bugs that leave you steaming at the ears. It is always important to keep your wits about you, follow your passion and continue to persevere, tackling the obstacles in order to successfully achieve your goals. Here are some tips that may seem obvious to some, but are extremely important to remember when tackling the creation of your game.

Write that down

Great ideas have a habit of knocking on your door at the strangest of times. It could come to you while you’re engrossed on some gaming website, or even the moment just after your fifth shot of tequila. You can easily believe that you’ll remember this great idea the following day, although, that is probably not going to be the case. It is therefore important that you document your thoughts immediately. Thanks to the world that we live in, you do not need to carry a notepad and pen with you 24/7, instead, whip out your cell phone and make a note. If it is your eighth shot of tequila, it may be best to rather voice record your idea.

Get to work

It is all good and well having a device filled with endless pages of great ideas that are sure to blow everyone’s mind, although if these ideas do not leave the page and become something real, no one will be able to share in your greatness. Sitting down and transforming your ideas into something real is difficult (especially for those with their PhD in procrastination), but taking the leap will definitely pay off.

Talk to the likeminded

Once your idea is formed, it is always prudent to brainstorm with others (that you trust), in order to receive some constructive criticism. Through this process you can learn and figure out ways to improve your idea.

Save it for the next game

Once you begin designing your game, your creative juices may be flowing, with new ideas piling up. This is great, but you mustn’t let it cloud your initial idea. Instead of constantly adding and changing ideas, rather save it for your next game. It will make game number two that much greater!

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