In brief: Time Contest and vulnerabilities

  • After a successful first competition, albeit with few entries, gmarcade have launched their second game making contest with the theme of ‘time’.
  • The vulnerabilities discovered by James Rhodes in YoYo Games’ Instant Play remain unfixed more than three months after they were bought to the attention of the website.

3 Replies to “In brief: Time Contest and vulnerabilities”

  • If you have never read any of Mr. Harbour’s books, I highly advise buying one if you aren’t entering the contest. They are EXTREMELY in depth and written in very good style. I myself own three of his books, and definitely want to get my hands on a copy of his Java programming book.

  • See the problem is, why would anyone make a whole game for a contest that isn’t giving away any money? I don’t care about GMArcade coins (I don’t even know what they do) and don’t need the book.

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