Please tell me GMKing hasn’t done this

The once mighty appears to have fallen [gmc topic has been deleted, screenshot below].  Has GMKing the team behind the YoYo Games wiki, GMCast and MarkUp really been reduced to collbarating with gap-to?

Click to view full sized screenshot
Click to view full sized screenshot

Apparently not.  Robin wasn’t aware of this post until I asked him.

“Good Lord have mercy.   

I feel the need to shoot someone.

 I offered to host them

 /me won’t be show running”

What do you think?

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  1. @Broxter
    Yeah. I agree.

    what are people talking about?
    Phil can do what he wants online, it’s his buisness.

    apon yet another look at the screenshot, I still see nothing wrong with it.
    I often times listen to music using windows media player too.

  2. @msr
    umm, what?
    he was on twitter, facebook, the gmc, a few other sites, talking to robin (obviously about this) downloading somthing, looking/drawing a picture. I think he was even 7zipping somthing.


  3. Robin may not have been aware of the post, but he was aware of the concept and approved it. I am not sure if he meant the project to be part of GMKing or not, but he was just as interested as we were.

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