GMLive Game Maker Radio to launch next Saturday

GMLive, an online Game Maker focused radio station that aims to provide a mixture of Game Maker news, music and live talk radio, is to launch next Saturday (October 10th) at 11am Eastern Time (5pm UK).

The idea for the station run by Jonathan Martin, GMVision’s Joshua Pedroza and former GMCast host Robin Monks was first mooted in May this year.

“A post will be made a few days before each live show announcing the topic list, so that people can prepare comments or a list of things to say if they call into the show. You can go ahead and add “GameMakerLive” to your skype buddy list, so you can call in to the show. There will also be a live Chat room for each show on the site.”
– GMLive

After incredibly irregular releases of a pre-recorded podcast I am amazed that this idea got off the ground but it seems to have been in the planning stages for a long time.

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  • IceCast looks decent enough; I’d use a Flash or Silverlight player though instead of an embedded WMP object; that way anyone who doesn’t have WMP (and doesn’t know how to use VLC or the like) can still tune in on the web.

  • @Caniac: Out of curiosity, what are you using to stream the media? Is there an MMS or HTTP server we can point VLC or Windows Media Player at when the time comes?

  • Well, this shall be interesting…

    I’m glad it’s at a nice time for me (living in the UK). I hope I don’t forget about it.

    I’m also glad about Robin helping out. Josh and John on their own would probably lead to disaster. 😛

  • @Jonathan Martin

    You’re actually doing a talkback segment? Well, that’s VERY intriguing. A recipe for disaster, perhaps, but definitely intriguing. I shall be listening intently (recorded of course, it would be 3 am for me)

  • @Mattthew_H
    That is the major problem :/.

    This will be a very fun experiment. I don’t think anyone knows how it will go. I rely on people helping by calling in; I will be able to call people from most landlines in the world; to reduce costs to others.

  • We are doing a live calls section cause I am pretty sure that two people talking to eachother for 45 minutes could get a bit boring 😉

    Lol, Yes, anything John and I do is a disaster (my brother John :P)
    and anything Jonathan and I do is a disaster to the competition 😉

  • Whilst I feel that it’s a novel and quite cool idea, I’m somewhat concerned that this outlet won’t have enough content to back up the concept.

    The GM Media scene has been burnt SO many times before. It’s hard not to be cynical.

  • I love the idea; hopefully they’ll archive each episode into a podcast which I can listen to in place of GMCast (which I really hoped would work out)

  • I’m glad your recording it, because it’s the date here would be Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 3:00 AM.

  • GMCast was not canceled. Robin is just putting it “On Hold” because Eyas is in College and is usually too busy to do that sort of thing. He will most likely be picking the project back up again soon.

    Also, this is mainly Jonathan and My project, although Robin will be helping out occasionally. (He is however, helping with the site server, the streaming server, and the domain name :))

    We are planning on getting recording each episode and uploading so that users who missed out on the action can listen to it on their phones, computers, or their ipods.

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