If one more person tells me about Game Maker on PSP…

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  1. I think it’ll be cool too if there’s one such version on psp. Imagine friends sharing own made games simple enough to create even by young kids. Could be a hit though =)

  2. Are you talking about putting the program Game Maker on a PSP, or just programming a converter with the PSP programming language and then converting a Windows game (such as Game Maker games) to PSP??

  3. Haha, nice!

    I don’t like the console market =/ if you want your games on consoles you must either tell your customers to crack their devices or have to go thought a costy and timesome process where the console manufactor tells ya that your game is crap ( well, probably they are using nicer wording, but anyway… )

    I don’t remember what the process is named ( every manufactor has their own name… ) but it’s something like “game review”.

    And you can’t have the game on your own site ( well, if your customer has a cracked device you can. ), the manufactors has theri own means of distrubution.

    One feature I would like to see is a way to create a binary for the JWM, then you don’t have to care about what platform your customers have as long as they have a JWM 8)


    Currently I’m writing a DLL for more advanced 3D graphics in GM ( using opengl and pixelshaders )

    I just had this problem of the GM 8b editor throw up millions of popups saying access violation trying read memory when i closed an editor win.

    Don’t have GM7 pro, I would if I had money 🙁


    mail me @ gmail 🙂

  4. Sandy D. Tweeted the following:
    “ZanderDuYoyoHad some good meetings in London and in the evening yesterday….will know on Monday if we’re ready to start Game Maker for PSP :-)”

    When Sandy craps, all his minions, who have GameMakerBlog on speed-dial, overwhelm GMB with the ground/wind breaking event.

  5. Never heard of that… *googles*

    After searching for it on google, I found a few things, but that was long ago..

    Do you have any links for us?
    *checks GMC and YoYo*

    Yeah, all looks like old news to me.. Any links for us?

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