Save the Planet claims $2,500 from 2BeeGames

A few months ago 2Bee Games launched a $10,000 Game Making Contest in which two Game Maker games, “Bumps” and “Save the Planet”, made the finals.   Recently the results of this contest were announced with Edouard Mercure’s Game Maker game Save the Planet coming second in the community vote.edm-games-save-the-planet-game

“We are proud to annouce [sic] that Auditorium has been awarded the 2Bee Games Grand Prize! This of course means that Cipher Prime will receive $10,000 in prize money, and start negotiations for a publishing deal!

Terence Lee, creator of Storm, has therefore received the Community Favorite Prize, which means that a cool $5,000 will be heading his way.

Eduoard Mercure, the creator of Save the Planet has received the Community Favorite Runner up Prize, and the $2,500 that goes with it.


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