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Game Maker 8 Beta Server “completely hacked”

On Thursday the server distributing the release candidate of Game Maker 8 ( and the bug tracker was “completely hacked”. The RC itself was hosted elsewhere so remained available for download to those who knew its exact location. which was hosting the fourth beta of Game Maker 7 for Mac is also affected.

After the site went down earlier this week the YoYo Games marquee was updated to display a message stating “GAME MAKER 8.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE access has been closed due to overwhelming demand”.

Sandy has said today that YoYo have almost finished rebuilding the site and a new announcement states that both the Game Maker 8 release candidate and Game Maker 7 for Mac beta pages should be back and running this Monday (tomorrow).

It remains to be seen if these problems relate to a vulnerability in mantis or if they are connected to the recent suspension of the YoYo Games forums.

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