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Game Maker 8 Logo Competition – Win $250

The current Game Maker logo

YoYo Games is holding a competition to design a new Game Maker logo to be used to promote Game Maker 8.  Sandy has said he is looking for

…a design that is more modern, communicates the vitality and excitement of what Game Maker stands for and fits better with the rest of the YoYo Games Branding.

The first prize is $250 (to be paid via PayPal) and the 5 best runner-ups will each receive a free copy of Game Maker 8 Pro.

Full details of the requirements and more details are available in the official post.

What do you think?

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  1. I think the change is good for the brand.

    I don’t think this results in a loss of history, rather a division, a seperation from then and now. It would be naive to pretend things are the same since GM’s creation, and I think a logo change represents how far the product has come, whether you like yoyo or not.

  2. A new logo for GM is like a new flag for a country – you lose a part of (if not all) of its history and familiarity. (That is, if the new one misses out its hammer and ball.)

    I’d recommend to just leave it as it is, but hey, who am I against a profit-based commercial company?

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