7 Things to do while the GMC is down

So bored you have time to look for alt text

Shock horror the end of Civilization is nigh!

Yes the Game Maker Community has gone back to the old days of IPS Driver errors.  Instead of being a temporary problem that users would occasionally have the misfortune to experience the site is currently rendered useless with topics unviewable.

Should you be unable to part yourself from the world of Game Maker (how have you managed the past 12 hours?) here are some Game Maker related things to fill your time.

  • Play Jack Brockley’s SubAttack mini game (2.8 MB .zip) complete with an online highscore table.  Beat me.
  • Missed Game Maker Tech’s September issue? It has some amazing ArcMagi screenshots and there won’t be another issue out in the near future.
  • Just getting started with Game Maker? How about a nice book to introduce you from the very first steps through to GML.
  • A more advanced user?  Download some cool Game Maker DLLs to extend your project.
  • Design a logo for YoYo Games to use to promote Game Maker 8.
  • If you are a Dutch highschool student take a look at the €10,000 Creative Games Challenge.
  • But please please whatever you do – don’t tell me the GMC isn’t working.  I have realised.  Really.

Post your favourite Game Maker mini games and time-fillers below.

Image credit: Fire Wall by Flickr.com user cnynfreelancer released under a CreativeCommons license.

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