Game Maker Station offers “merge” to 64Digits

Earlier today the owner of Game Maker Station, Frederick Watson, sent an e-mail to 64Digits administrator Arcalyth requesting a “merge” with the still popular Game Maker community.

Frederick presents the proposed merge as a rare and lucky opportunity for the often-troubled site which has over 15,000 registered accounts.

The only thing keeping 64 Digits alive is the blogs. 64 Digits has a dead forums & not so active blogs. If you merge, you will have a very active forum to go on, active blogs, active school, active chat room, and much more.

What’s in it for you? Your administrators will be given administrator ranks on Game Maker Station, and your moderators will be given moderator ranks as well. Our website games pages are still under construction, but it is not impossible to move all of the games from 64 Digits to Game Maker Station. Trust me, our staff has a way of doing things. Also, you won’t have to pay for your domain anymore which will mean extra money in your pocket.

Not to worry, we may have slightly strict rules on the forums, but on our chat rooms and blogs, our rules are pretty much the same as yours.

I think this could be a great opportunity for both of us. We have so much in common.

If you turn this offer down, you will only be given 2 more weeks to change your mind. After that, it’s final and my offer will no longer be valid.

Please think about what I have just told you. This may sound useless to you, but the whole point of this merge is to JOIN TOGETHER and BECOME ONE. As silly as it may be, this can actually make us stronger, better, and we will both reap the rewards.

I hear you are extremely busy and this will give you peace of mind having less on your TO DO LIST and more to be able to get done in your life.

This is why I am not interested in merging GMS over to 64 digits. It’s simply because: 1). Your forums are dead 2). your blogs are nearly dead 3). even if we were to merge and bring more traffic, it would be too difficult to work out all of services and extra websites and communities who are connected to Game Maker Station.

If you are interested, PM or Email me and let me know. The third part of the merge takes 1 day and the other half will take 1 week.

PART 1 – Move all admins & mods to gms. This will require each one to sign up and give me their profile URL’s
PART 2 – Put nothing but a link on your website (home page) that says “64 Digits has merged with Game Maker Station. CLICK HERE TO GO TO GMS” and
PART 3 – We will move all archives to GMS. This includes Games, Examples, etc. We’ll even try to move posts.
– Frederick Watson

Sounds more like a takeover to me and most of the 64digits members.   64digits is just the latest site Fred has tried to get to join Game Maker Station with GMLive having declined a recent request.

What do you think?

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  1. Pop quiz: when did what little respect I had for Frederick, mostly because I try to respect all human beings, evaporate?

    Was it:

    (A) When he bashed the professionalism of Game Maker Blog and its commentators for pointing out his own unprofessional attitude towards letter writing?

    (B) The fact that he thought sending an unproofread letter is okay if it is “written really fast” because he has to go shopping?

    Or (C), the revelation that he shops at Walmart?

  2. If you are proposing a merge, you should be doing it a lot more subtle than you do in you email Frederick. You’re enlarging their downsides too much. You’re speaking about GMS as if it’s the best site ever, and you’re never going to get anywhere with cheesy lines like “BECOME ONE”.

  3. Oh come on, it was written real fast. I was in a hurry to get into town to go to Walmart and didn’t even read back through the email.

    Sorry guys. You’re right. It was an epic failure.

    Also, you should stop bashing people. it’s very unprofessional. This may be just a game maker blog, but at least try to make it professional & keep it clean.

  4. I like the fact that Everscrollinghue was on GMS BEFORE it came out. According to EHS’ GMS page “Added: May | 29 | 2008”. According to ESH’ YYG page “Added: 22 November 2008”. Not only that, NAL’s GMS account wasn’t even created until Dec 18, 2008.

  5. GMS also has games up on the site that they dont have the creators consent. Here are a few: – Sixty Five Million And One Bc (v1.2) – Everscrollinghue (when I asked NAL awhile back if he knew about it or not, he said no) – Ancient Ants Adventure
    Chimpventure by Drazzke and The Berryster – Just asked Drazzke if he know about it, he didnt

    Just browse their game section and you’ll find alot more like Robbie Swifthand And The Orb Of Mysteries and Iji.

  6. So Fred is trying to merge with a community he has, on numerous occasions, slagged off?

    Yeah, as you said, this seems very much like an attempt to boost his own site’s numbers – apart from the authority, which is lessened as the 64d heads would be playing second fiddle to the GMS leaders, and could quite easily be randomly revoked by Fred was Arcalyth to miraculously accept – 64d doesn’t seem to get much at all out of the deal. The costs 64d’s admins incur from their site include creative control, which would be completely eliminated.

    It’s not happening.

  7. The best approach to Frederick is to not respond and not give him attention. Don’t reply in his topics. Don’t reply to his emails. Don’t reply to his PMs!

    It’s way more fun to watch him torture himself after you CBF arguing with him 😀

  8. None of the “added” dates are correct. The only backup left of the old website was lost when my hard disk crashed (7 months ago). So I had the staff guess the added date the best they could. Why do you have to be so mean to them? ^^

  9. @NAL, Something like that. ^^

    @T-Dub, Not that I’m aware of.

    @Jonathan Martin, Since there’s nothing wrong with offering a merge, nobody has taken anything too far. Last I checked, you don’t have to say “yes”.

    @Broxter, probably true.

    And I don’t really own Game Maker Station anymore. I just manage it.

  10. I really don’t think this guy/”prof” is going to give up. Comon. As we said in GMLive this saturday, he is taking this merging business too far!

    EDIT: As said above, this is now really bad copyright. They copy blof posts and now games (without anyones concent).

    Who’s to bet on the first sue?

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