Mid-week Community Links

  • Challenge other Game Maker Blog readers at Jack Brockley’s last mini-game, Circum Skull. The online highscores table (powered by VEX) can be found here.
  • 2DBoy.com have released some interesting statistics from their recent “Pay what you like” offer on World of Goo.
  • When will Game Maker 8 be released?  Lots of people want to know – our post announcing the release candidate was the most popular last month.

3 Replies to “Mid-week Community Links”

  • I don’t play enough GM games to do a game of the week and we already have longer game reviews written by NAL. The reason your games get chosen is because they are fun mini-games that don’t take long to play and have online highscore tables which means adds a challenge element.

    Not a space filler at all. 😛

  • According to Joshua Pedroza, GM8 will be released in November, becuase that’s the month of their tenth anniversary.

    I think not.

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning Circum Skull, but maybe you should post links to some better games of the week.

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