WillHostForFood starved

WillHostForFoodOne of the most popular file hosting services used by Game Maker Community members has today gone offline.  WillHostForFood had been online for 2 and a half years and hosted over 200GB of content belonging to over 5,000 members.

To get an idea of the popularity of the site Google returns “about 79,000” results to a query for pages on the domain containing the phrase “willhostforfood”.

The reason for the closure is the expense of hosting member files which consume 1.5Tb of data a month incurring costs of “$150” a month.  By comparison the latest figures we have for are “upwards of 10TB a month“. The site was put up for sale a week ago with an asking price of $1000 but no buyers came forward.

What do you think?

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  1. [quote]To get an idea of the popularity of the site Google returns “about 79,000″ results to a query for pages on the domain containing the phrase “willhostforfood”.[/quote]

    A Google search for “” returns “about 219,000” results.

  2. Rohan :
    I really don’t care, I use My GM Host and Host-A.

    Thank you for slightly advertising that. Maybe now that WHFF is down, My GM Host (The simplest file host around) will see an increase in traffic.

    Philip Gamble :
    ChIkEn AtE mY dOnUtS sig at the GMC currently says: “Sorry, WHFF is gone. I had to. Even if I get enough money your files will not come back, it will just re-open fresh.”

    I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did considering how high the payments were. I’m also surprised that people from the GMC would be paying that kind of money. Especially for a free service.

  3. This is saddening to a great degree. I didn’t exactly use this site very much, but I enjoyed it better than quite a number of file hosting sites.

    Hopefully there was a backup or something. I’m pretty sure I have all the files that were uploaded, but some people might not.

  4. They didn’t backup files? RoketGames automatically backs up all the files every month, and the SQL databases every night (on the server).

    Surely as a file host they could have automated offsite backups as well.

  5. I seriously hope, no expect, that they will have suitable recent backup. Especially since the content hasn’t been created by them. They are were a filehost after all. If they didn’t take backups (and even if they didn’t their host must of) I am glad they lost the data now rather than waiting for more people to trust them with their content.

    This is why you should use an established (not GM specific run by a couple of bored teens) host for anything you care about.

  6. For me, WillHostForFood was like the Opera of file hosting. It was buggy and some of the pages didn’t show up right. But like Opera, I used it for almost everything. I can’t explain why I put my files on such an unstable site, but I just felt it was the right thing to do. I know every single site I run will have broken links now, and yet somehow I feel bad updating them. Maybe I’ll give it a week or two, to let them mourn.

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