WillHostForFood starved

WillHostForFoodOne of the most popular file hosting services used by Game Maker Community members has today gone offline.  WillHostForFood had been online for 2 and a half years and hosted over 200GB of content belonging to over 5,000 members.

To get an idea of the popularity of the site Google returns “about 79,000” results to a query for pages on the gmc.yoyogames.com domain containing the phrase “willhostforfood”.

The reason for the closure is the expense of hosting member files which consume 1.5Tb of data a month incurring costs of “$150” a month.  By comparison the latest figures we have for YoYoGames.com are “upwards of 10TB a month“. The site was put up for sale a week ago with an asking price of $1000 but no buyers came forward.

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