On Downtime

Yesterday the official Game Maker Community was offline for at least 12 hours with a 503 error.

Now that the forum is back online the reason for the downtime has been revealed – the servers php version was being upgraded from 4 to 5 ahead of an upgrade of the Invision Power Board (IPB) software used to run the forums.

Version 5 of php was first released July 2004 and IPB 3.0 was released in June this year.

IPB 2.3.x forum themes (“skins”) are incompatible with, and will require a rewrite to run on, versions higher than 3. That said the current GMC design is just a few modifications of a default skin.  This would be a good opportunity to integrate whatever the final Game Maker 8 logo is into the design.

In other news the elite invite-only Game Maker Community has been offline for several days.

What do you think?

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  1. I checked out GMKing…can’t say I noticed any major differences =(

    I looked up the official site…the only major changes that appeal to me are:

    Reputation system:
    Posts can now be rated, earning the author reputation points which can be highlighted with titles and badges.

    Personal Conversations:
    Users can now create private topics, accessible only to themselves and anyone else they choose to invite.

    I just hope the mods enable both. But as I was browsing the site, one product they have (seperate from IPB) is a blog, and I suddenly considered how awesome to have a blog funtion built into the GMC. I think it would be really interesting.


  2. @TV
    Whether or not EO is active it is still a repository of very high quality GM games. Anyway, they did recently see the launch of Srehpog’s Umbrella Adventure (even though I believe it’s hosted off site). I’ve been told it’s just a hitch in the renewal of their hosting, so hopefully it’s not anything permanent.

  3. “(Not sure how picky you are about spelling mistakes)

    eo has been rather quite lately…I’d nearly consider them dead.”

    You spelt “quiet” wrong. 😛

    On topic – was the update a significant one? I presume it was, since it’s a new release number altogether, but if not I guess I could understand them being half a decade too slow.

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