2 Game Maker Games to watch out for in 2010!

Two upcoming Game Maker games were featured in IndieGames.com’s recent list of “Ten Indie Games To Watch Out For in 2010“. The first is Tuning by Cactus in which you control a ball through a world of blocks with the object of the game being to reach the goal on each level.   “As you progress the levels get stranger and stranger, with odd perspectives and graphical tricks abound” write IndieGames.com.

The second game is Saturated Dreamers by Studio Eres.  They explain the game:

“Saturated Dreamers is an exploration game set on a sentient alien lake. In it you guide a ship and explore the lake, its creatures, and your own characters through your ship’s strange abilities, which you gradually find and expand as you explore the world of the lake.”

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