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New GMC Image Rules but no Videos yet unless…

  • At the end of last year Game Maker Community member, and GMB author, Revel requested the addition of a feature to allow YouTube videos to be embedded within posts in the Work in Progress section of the forum.  
  • Revel has now created a GMC Firefox extension which incorporates some of the features requested by users that have not been introduced at the forums.  Youtube videos can be embedded within posts, you can display the version of Game Maker you use and a user rating/karma system allows both helpful and not so helpful users to build up a reputation.  There is also a chat although this is in the very early stages.  Of course all this information is only visible to other users who have installed the plugin.  A Chrome version may be on the way soon.
  • The long standing limit of a maximum of three images allowed per post has been updated.  GMC staff members voted to relax the rule in the Creations/WIP, Graphics and General sections of the forum to allow upto five embedded images per post. The dimension limit has also increased to 800×600 pixels with a file size limit of 100kB per image.

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  1. Reporting Fail. Neither Fred nor myself are opposed to adding video tags to the GMC. We just feel the matter deserves discussion. The topic is only four days old. The moderation team discussed an increase to the image limit for almost a month before making the change. These things take time, especially during holidays.

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