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YoYo Games Competition 06

Earlier, YoYo Games released information on Competition 06, which builds on the idea and restrictions provided by the previous one by tweaking the rules and adding a theme, “Discovery”, inspired by the company’s recent (and still in progress) move from Surrey, England to Dundee, Scotland. The contest encourages thinking outside the box (you don’t have to think of “discovery” in the “finding a new place or object” sense, anything will do).

Although the competition retains the restriction of 480×272 resolution (tightening it so the game has to be this size), others have been loosened. The most obvious, something which many people complained about in regards to the PSP’s button count, is that your game can now have four action buttons instead of one (Z, X, C and Space). The size limit has been brought down to 8MB from 10, and the restrictions on .zip, extensions, .dlls and registry usage all remain intact. Interestingly, perhaps given the seemingly controversial addition of a fullscreen mode in They Need To Be Fed despite a tweet from Sandy saying any entries with one would be disqualified, optional fullscreen is now allowed, as long as it’s off by default.

Monetary prizes remain the same, with pretty much certainty that winners will go on to enter an agreement for a PSP port of their entries (this is not mentioned, so presumably it will be dependent on both how the porting of Comp05’s games goes, and of course how many quality games are garnered that are worth porting).

The deadline for entries is Midnight GMT, August 31st, giving you three and a half months to work on entries.

See the glog entry here.

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    • What are you talking about? This IS a real competition. It also makes perfect sense.

      PSP games could be a fantastic revenue stream for them. By having a good handful of games that can be ported to PSP in as little time as possible they can get themselves some funds with which to, amongst other things, fund more competitions.

      Use your brain before you complain.

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