YoYo Games Ltd almost break even in year to October 2009

In the year to October 31st 2009 YoYo Games recorded a loss of £12,430 ($19,850/€14,950).

Company accounts, filed Friday, show that YoYo Games Ltd almost broke even after a loss of £180,000 in the previous year to October 31st 2008.

In January 2009 YoYo Games raised the price of the full version of Game Maker by $5 to $25. Although Game Maker registrations accounted for 90% of income in 2009 we don’t have access to the full accounts so can’t say whether this was the main reason for the change or if spending was reduced elsewhere.

These figures do not take into account the registration fees received for Game Maker 8 as this was not released until December 2009, however the offer of free upgrades to those registering in 2009 may have helped boost sales of the Pro version.

YoYo Games have recently been helped by a Regional Selective Assistance investment grant of £220,000 from Scottish Taxpayers – however will only effect accounts for 2010 (and possible beyond).

YoYo Games Ltd’s cumulative losses now stand at £428,006.

YoYo Games Ltd Abbreviated Accounts for year ending 31st October 2009 (click to enlarge)

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  1. We continue to break even….but we now pay for Mike, Russell, Andrew and Kirsty. the grant doesn’t mean a thing yet we don;t see the money till we grow some more and it’s spread over 2 years !

    Note these accounts are for our year ending October 2009… in 3 months we’ll have ended our 2010 fiscal. I expect we will show that we’ve pretty much broken even again this year.

    Next year (i.e. starting Nov 2010) we would very much like to start making a profit…..

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